Google Analytics and Your Website

Google AnalyticsDo you have Google Analytics installed on your website? You should! It is a free tool provided by google that really helps you understand the people that visit your website. If you need help getting it installed on your site, don’t hesitate to contact us and we can work together to make your website and online presence better. Get Google Analytics for free here.

If you have advertisements or make Facebook posts (or other articles/advertisements) that include links to your website, you should really think about including tracking URLs in those posts. What a tracking URL does it let you know exactly where someone came from inside of Google Analytics if they clicked on the link.

What a normal link looks like:
What a tracking URL looks like:

Both links take you to exactly the same page. However the part after the first question mark (?) tells google analytics key factors about where I came from if I clicked that link. So then when you look at your Google Analytics dashboard you will be able to see if the person came from a Facebook post or an email you sent out, or some other advertisement. I highly recommend using a specific code for every single link you use, that way you will know what advertising is most efficient and in turn get more of a bang for your buck.

You can make Tracking URLs for free here.

If you would like to learn more about this or get some one on one training, let us know!

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