The Myths about Bounce Rate

Bounce Rate on my WebsiteBounce rate is a word thrown around frequently in regards to website performance. Bounce rate CAN be an important thing, but it also can be an analytic that website companies use to try and fool you about your website’s performance, claiming that your bounce rate is only 35%.

First what is bounce rate? It is when a website visitor goes to a website, views the page they landed on and then leaves the website.

Why is this important to know? If a customer lands on a product page, spends 5 minutes there reading information, looking at photos or videos, and calls you to order that product (never leaving that initial page they landed on through a google search), then leaves your website. Google also considers THAT a website bounce. Is that website bounce a bad thing? Not in our eyes.

If your website is SEO’d properly, being advertised accurately if you are doing pay-per-click, direct links are being shared on Facebook, and customers do search and land on exactly the page of your website that they needed, then you will have a higher bounce rate, and that is ok.

There is a way around this though if you don’t want to look at that high bounce rate number. There is some code you can place on your website in with the analytics code that will tell google to NOT consider it a bounce if the visit lasts more than ## seconds (You set this number). Read more on Google’s Blog.

So, when you’re looking at website bounce rate, be sure to look at the whole picture. If your website visits are going up, your time on site is good (whatever you think is an adequate amount of time to get your information), and your sales are booming then bounce rate isn’t as important as some website providers will lead you to believe. If you have any questions on this, we would love to help you understand it better. You can schedule an appointment with us in order to understand your google analytics better.

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