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Other Marketing Services

Marketing Services offered by Una Schade Photography and DesignWe are a marketing agency that can help you with all marketing needs you may have, affordably. We have many years of corporate experience in Social Media Management, Reputation Management, Google Analytics, Google Advertising (AdWords or SEM), Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Facebook Advertising, Online Merchandising, eCommerce and Advertisement Reviews. We can help you put together an all inclusive marketing plan, or just help you in areas you are unfamiliar with or would like to grow. We pride ourselves on being transparent and reliable all while helping you grow.


  • MailChimp Account Setup and customer import: $1001
  • MailChimp Email Campaign: $202
  • Facebook, Google+, Twitter or other Social Media Page initial setup: $50 per page.
  • Reputation Management: Contact us for pricing.
  • Social Media Management: $10 per post3, per site.
  • Online Advertising (Facebook, Google, etc): Contact us for pricing.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO): $10 per webpage optimized4.
  • Online Merchandising: Contact us for pricing.
  • eCommerce: Contact us for pricing.



  1. MailChimp Account Setup includes building a template, importing your customers (you provide the .csv or .xls file) and sending your first email.
  2. MailChimp Email Campaign includes sending an email campaign to your existing customers.
  3. $10 per post will be discounted by 5% if you post 5 times per month and by 10% if you post 10 or more times per month.
  4. $10 per webpage will be discounted by 5% if you optimize 5 pages and by 10% if you optimize 10 or more pages.